Abubakar Suleiman
3 min readJul 3, 2021


We are in the make-up generation

Everything is made up. Light touch, shade, brush, attachment, toned. Nothing we know occurs in nature anymore, people we know are now the creation of artists rather than. divinity

A generation that investigates nothing,

a people not the least bit curious about history or culture or anything not in vogue. A culture that distrust nothing so long as it is written, we reflect on nothing if a famous person utters it

Who are we? Why are we here and what can we do about the things that ail us? These are not the kind of questions we ask. How tall, how high, how rich, those are our preoccupations. The color of his ride and the size of her crib..

Ask us about Mary K or Kanye West, enquire after Messi or some kid with a million Instagram followers and you will get an earful, every bit as boring

As our opinion on politics and the economy

Speak to us about the soul and we will reply you with long worn-out phrases we overheard at a religious gathering. Nothing to suggest that we have had sleepless nights reflecting on ours, if we still have one

Our generation can access a million tracks on our shiny gadgets but not a single protest song, not a single soul wrenching blood curling song to feed the rebellion we need, the uprising that world is due for

Nothing we do is us, nothing we wear ours, nothing we say true to our souls, little we eat comes from the earth.. A generation with everything that has a price but little of value

I am a part of this wasteful generation, one that receives gigabytes and fills it with garbage, a generation that is blessed with the world’s best library but has little use for knowledge,

We are a people at a time of ignorance, we are worse that the unlettered people of the past, but unlike them, we celebrate ours, we deem knowing unnecessary, ourselves sufficient

This generation has nothing to discover but it’s vanity, we have no place to retreat but our video games, our soap operas and our telenovelas, our. generation has minimized art and maximized entertainment

This is my generation. I live in a. generation where a baby at birth has access to more knowledge than the entire Royal Library of Alexandria, and where every second we set alight the equivalent of millions of Alexandrias ….

The world has never seen so much light yet so much darkness, we have never known so much power and yet so much fear, fear that people would vote for an earth shaking outcome and then proudly search for what it means

Ours is a world where we vote to leave a 40 year old union at the heart of a nation’s prosperity and then ask -what is the EU? A world where the most obnoxious person you can cook up has a shot at the presidency of the US.

This is the age of true ignorance, so pure and so intense it will consume all of us. An age where we willingly submit ourselves as canon fodder in an evil war of terror, or as foot soldiers to set the world alight in the name of a god or for our country

And I am a rebel to this generation. Maybe you are too…

July 2017



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